SEIU Healthcare’s Statement on the Withholding of Vaccine Doses From Loretto Hospital

Loretto Hospital

BREAKING–The following statement is released by SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Greg Kelley regarding the withholding of vaccine doses at Loretto Hospital:

“While we understand the need to ensure that vaccine protocols are followed, as the union of frontline healthcare workers putting their lives on the line at Loretto Hospital and other facilities across the city, we strongly object the decision by the Chicago Department of Public Health to withhold vaccine doses from a safety net serving high-risk and underserved, majority black and brown communities.

“Instead, we call upon the Board of Directors to hold the individuals responsible for breaking vaccine protocols accountable. The dedicated frontline staff of Loretto and the Austin residents dependent upon Loretto in order to receive life-saving COVID-19 vaccinations don’t deserve to suffer as a result of the actions of two people. 

“The vaccination program at Loretto, administered by its frontline staff, has already successfully vaccinated 90% of the hospital’s workforce and conducted crucial vaccine outreach to the community as part of the Chicago Plus program. 

“Workers at Loretto have already sacrificed enough in their frontline roles at a safety net hospital in the high-needs Austin community during a pandemic. It’s crucial that the Board limit their corrective action to the two individuals responsible for this lapse in judgment–and not punish workers and the community they serve.”