Multimillion-dollar Fair Tax misinformation campaign leads to a win for millionaires & billionaires, poses new challenges for working families

(Chicago) – Erica Bland-Durosinmi, the Executive Vice-President of SEIU Healthcare Illinois issued the following statement:

“Last night, the Fair Tax constitutional amendment did not pass in Illinois. For nearly a decade, a grassroots coalition made up of community, advocacy, faith, and labor organizations have fought to bring fairness to Illinois tax system through the Fair Tax. We spent countless days lobbying in Springfield, educating voters, and getting the vote out to pass a graduated income tax and finally eliminate Illinois’ outdated tax system that burdens essential workers and leaves the wealthy off the hook.

“Last night, a well-funded group of millionaires and billionaires, big business leaders and anti-tax right wing organizations won by spending tens of millions of dollars to misinform Illinois voters to cast ballots against their own interests and for the benefit of the wealthiest among us. Billionaires like Ken Griffin, rather than pay his fair share, spent over $53M as to not contribute to our state’s vital human services like education and healthcare.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has presented our communities, disproportionately Black and brown communities, with public health and economic challenges that we will only overcome through investment in vital services and jobs. Yesterday’s missed opportunity to win a Fair Tax now leaves us with the responsibility of creating a different path towards recovery for our communities, and to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share.

“While we may have lost this fight for a Fair Tax, our fight for social, racial, and economic justice continues. We, the leaders and members of SEIU Healthcare Illinois, are proud to have championed the fight for Fair Tax and will continue working with our partners to ensure investment in our communities’ most critical services.”