Letter: A personal story: Home health care cuts will put me in a nursing home

From the Peoria Journal-Star:

About 10 years ago, I had just turned 30 and woke up one morning unable to move from my neck down. It was terrifying, and when I learned I had a spinal condition that would leave irreversible damage, I was devastated. I was a young woman, independent and busy caring for my own mother and raising my kids.

With lots of therapy, I now have regained some use of my right side, but I still struggle every day.

Home care services have saved my life and kept me living at home with my children. Without my home care worker, I would probably end up in a nursing home, unable to participate in my children’s lives like I want to.

I never thought about home care or the importance of it until I needed it. The cuts to home care services that our governor is trying to implement will kick tens of thousands of disabled and elderly Illinoisans out of these programs and into nursing homes.

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