Northwestern Memorial Hospital workers launch campaign to bargain strong new contract!

Georgia Bowman, PCT

Georgia Bowman, PCT

Workers at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital have elected our bargaining committee, and are working together to finalize bargaining proposals as we begin our fight for a new contract. Our main priorities are fair wages, fair staffing and workloads, and job security.

“The hospital is constantly changing. With all the changes they are making to how we deliver patient care, our hours, and our schedules, I’m glad we have our union to protect our rights,” said Georgia Bowman, a Patient Care Tech at Northwestern.

Bargaining this contract is just the next step in fighting for worker justice at Northwestern. We’re building on recent victories in the shop, including winning back pay for workers who received incorrect shift differential and overtime pay, and a great contract for Northwestern’s Fresh Market unit, including increased starting rates, benefits improvements, and a commitment to more full-time positions.

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